POSSESSEED BY PAUL JAMES possessed Annapolis.

You may have heard us cover 'Shoulda Known Better', 'Ferris Wheel', or 'No Windows' over the years. These songs were all written by the humble Konrad Wert aka Possessed by Paul James from South-East Texas. It was such a crazy experience having one of my favorite songwriters electrify the Tavern at Rams Head on an otherwise sleepy Sunday night downtown. Great catching up with the man himself and getting up to speed on all the new music, teachings, and film projects he's got in the works. If you like our music at all, you're really going to dig PPJ. http://ppjrecords.com/

Backroom pickin'. (left) Konrad Wert - Possessed By Paul James • (right) Aaron Yealdhall of skribe • Photo: Cory Streett

Backroom pickin'. (left) Konrad Wert - Possessed By Paul James • (right) Aaron Yealdhall of skribe • Photo: Cory Streett

We created a short run of 30 silk-screened posters to commemorate the event. Hand colored and numbered. There may be a few left through the skribe site. 

"Konrad Wert came up with the Possessed by Paul James moniker as a way to channel the spirits of his late grandfather, Paul, and his father, James. And until very recently, he worked as a full-time school teacher while perform live on the side. Indeed, whether Wert is percussively stomping on an old wooden box, sawing a dusty fiddle, picking a banjo, or yelping a song as his head bobs and weaves from a seated position, fans are never under the impression they are seeing and hearing something of this earthly realm. The mix of roots and emotional electricity at a Possessed by Paul James show is akin to a live electric socket missing its cover as stripped wires spark with flickers of enthralling danger. The albums released under the PPJ name have increased in quality each time out, beginning with 2006’s self-titled debut, and all the way to 2014’s widely-acclaimed There Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely."

- Paste Magazine


You may know Jake Clemons from his appearances with Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Eddie Vedder, Roger Waters, or The Roots. He's on a solo tour with his killer backing band & I (Aaron) had the pleasure of opening the Baltimore show last Monday. It was an unreal experience to be pulled up for vocals on a finale cover of 'With A Little Help From My Friends'. Thank you Jake & everyone who rocked it with us on a Monday in Baltimore!

Check out Jake Clemons & his band on their never-ending tour.


Photo: Jerry Frishman

Photo: Jerry Frishman

" The warm-up act was Aaron Yealdhall, who also came out at the end of the show to sing with Jake on "With a Little Help From My Friends."